Lynne Valdes

“I was drawn to the yoga therapy program and this community because of the leadership role MUIH has taken in the field of integrative health and its track record in pioneering new educational and professional standards for emerging fields.”

Why did you choose our school for your academic program?

I chose MUIH because of its established reputation for supporting the growth of integrative health professions through rigorous academic programs. I knew that by completing the Master of Science in Yoga Therapy, I could set myself apart in this emerging field.

What aspects of this education do you most value and why?

The forum for discussion of relevant professional topics such as scope of practice and code of ethics, as well as the clinical opportunity to explore and develop therapeutic relationships were pivotal to my growth as a yoga therapist. The success of my daily patient sessions is built on this professional foundation and thrives on the art of healing presence.

What drew you to an integrative health profession?

I wanted to increase visibility and provide greater access to the yoga practices that had proven to be so powerful in my own life. In working with special populations, I knew that an integrative approach to health and wellness would have the greatest impact.

Describe your area of specialization or the focus of your practice and why that has captured your interest.

The focus of my clinical practice is military communities. My work at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center represents the combination of my personal experiences and professional aspirations. I am the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, and as a former navy spouse I raised my children while their father was on active duty.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

My proudest professional accomplishment is being the first certified yoga therapist employed full time at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. I offer yoga therapy as part of the Mind-Body Medicine Program in Integrative Health and Wellness Services. These services are provided as part of a collaborative approach to primary care based on the Patient Centered Medical Home model.

Looking forward, how do you see your role and that of your discipline contributing to the evolving field of healthcare?

I see my professional role as that of mentor, educator, and advocate. I have a unique perspective from which to offer support, share information, and promote the field of yoga therapy. As patient centered healthcare continues to evolve, yoga therapy as an evidence-based, integrative modality is poised to have a positive influence on patient outcomes and well-being in a variety of healthcare settings.


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